TONE (Zhong Wei Jun) is a multi-talented, Taiwan-based Mandarin singer-songwriter and childhood classmate/friend of Baked. creator, Kailin.  Born in Texas and raised in California, TONE’s musical passion started at an early age and continued to develop from recording acoustic guitar tracks on a 4-track recorder in the 9th grade to performing in alternative rock bands in high school.  His interests in a wide variety of subjects (music, of course, technology, engineering, finance, new ventures to name a few) no doubt reveals the abundance of creativity he brings into his own songs, delving into various musical settings. Fully involved in each aspect of the production process, TONE’s lyrics mainly focus on his musical journey as well as his philosophies on life. His styles range from the high energy of rock, hip-hop and techno to the softer tones of R&B,  acoustic guitar, and ballads. Baked. is proud to support and promote TONE 🙂

Xin Zhong De Xin


Musical experimentations of Tony Chung (man behind TONE)


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