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Dessert Oasis

Hi all! Just a quick announcement that I’ll be out of town from today, Wednesday, through Sunday (March 3 – 7). How does this relate to Baked.? Ummm………I’ll be “researching” the cornucopia of diverse foods offered at extravagant buffets…?… . . .   .    .Yes.


As I stay up to work on a decadent dark chocolate fudge and marzipan cake and fret about another huge order for tomorrow I have yet to start at this ungodly hour of 4:00 am, the strange, hazy time in the middle of the night when you feel like a zombie on the cusp of severely crashing and I ask myself why the hell I put myself through this, losing sight of purpose, my iPod fills my ears with Michael Jackson and this indescribable energy brings me back to life. It’s like the magic of MJ has charged my blood to gush through my veins; I literally feel like I’m floating on the love that MJ had for everyone and everything in the universe. And I felt the impulse to blog about this because with all the ugliness that surrounded MJ throughout his life, people forget all about his greatness as a humanitarian, an entertainer, an artist, a fighter and most importantly, a believer in the power of love.

I know this seems like a random entry considering this site is about detailing and promoting my Baked. endeavor, but music is one of the driving forces behind everything I do, a lifelong partner that is always there whenever you need it. And after watching This Is It twice over the weekend, MJ’s unwavering determination to his cause – to bring people of all colors and creeds to places they’ve never been – reminded me to march on and pursue my passions no matter how challenging things can get.  So, I sit here updating the music section while waiting for the cake to cool off, fatigued but not unmotivated, and there’s no question the new playlist is all about Michael Jackson. And I hope it motivates you as well to reach greater heights because ultimately, my cause is to make the world a better place by expanding minds and bringing a little happiness to people’s lives.

Cheesy? Probably, but, frankly, I don’t care. The world could always use a little more positivity and this entry is really a shout out to Michael and how he’s changed the world for the better. And if you don’t believe me and your image of Michael is still marred by all the rumors, I urge, no, I challenge you to watch This Is It (and everything else he was involved in, for that matter) and not feel inspired and taken aback by the magnificence of the King of Pop.

To Michael: You are sorely missed and I regret we never got a chance to see the finished product of your final concert but you continue to live in the hearts of those who believe in life and love. Thank you, Michael. May you rest in peace.

And now, I must go back to bake and “daaance the night awaaaaaay….” 🙂

Experiments & Things

It’s been busy busy busy the past few weeks filled with orders, experiments, and eating…..mostly eating 🙂 🙂 Most notable was the VERY successful CACSF Date Auction of 2010! The wonderful ladies behind the organization were able to raise $11k for the UCSF Cancer Fund which provides monetary assistance to under-insured and uninsured cancer patients. Baked. is so proud to have been a part of the event and only hopes it made the night that much sweeter 😉 Letsee what else….oh, I think I should just let the following photos speak for themselves. Voilà, des photos de ces dernières semaines….. . .  .    .     .        . (don’t mind me, I’m a glossophile)

EXPERIMENT I: Nancy Silverton’s Graham Crackers (soooooo delicious…..)

EXPERIMENT II: Bakerella’s S’more Cupcakes (very moist, flavors melt together well, could use a bit more marshmallow though. will tweak…s’more)

EXPERIMENT III: Macarons!! (not to be confused with American macaroons which pale in comparison to these French confections. can’t wait to make more!)


(credit goes to Iris for baking w/ me 🙂 )

DATE AUCTION (made mini choco chip cookies & assorted truffles)



Cupcake Cravings


I need to remember to glue my camera to my hip so I don’t forget to take pics of my cooking creations. Going through all the finalists in this year’s Bloggies has definitely inspired me to change my approach to this site (i.e. not be a lazy arse). Every food site/blog is always more enticing when it provides a plethora of photos to bring out “ooooohs”, “aaaaahs” and “mmmMMmms” from the reader who’ll in turn stick around more.  And since I’m not brilliant enough to write anything original and quippy, hopefully photos will make up for the lack of witty and interesting dialogue. Anyway….onwards we go!

I’ve been having cupcake cravings lately and not just any cupcakes, COCONUT cupcakes.  And I used to hate coconut when I was younger, probably mainly because the only form I had of it was flakes. Bleh. Like chewing on perfumed paper. And that sound it makes in your head. UNLESS it’s freshly toasted. YUM. I’m starting to fall in love w/ coconut though. So good in curries, refreshing to drink fresh out of the shell, and delicious in my recent endeavor: cupcakes! A good friend of mine (thanks, Huei!) sent me a recipe for coconut vanilla bean cupcakes that I tried out a few months ago and they were perdy damn good. So I made them over the weekend. Problem solved. Just look at them…

AAAnnnd today, I received a custom order from my mom’s friend, a really good family friend whom I work for part-time actually (if you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or sell a home, she’s your woman), who wanted to bring cupcakes to visiting Buddhist monks so she requested that they be made eggless.  I tweaked around a good vegan recipe (thanks to the hilarious vegan foodie Isa Chandra Moskowitz) and made eggless lemon cupcakes with whipped lemon-almond frosting. They turned out quite good. Only frosted 1/2 of ’em because we weren’t sure if all the monks would want frosting. After all, monks aren’t known for decadence. Hope they enjoy it! I smile as I mentally picture the wise old monks mindfully taking modest bites of these cupcakes….heeheehee.

This weekend I’m gonna be experimenting with more flavors and things so tune in next week for the report!

Won’t You Benign? – The Sequel

Combat for Cancer is having their 2nd annual Date Auction and Baked. is uber excited to announce it will be catering desserts again!  Their first date auction was such a blast and more importantly, not only did they raise awareness about their cause, they were able to raise an impressive amount of money to support cancer patients in need. Proceeds benefit the Cancer Care Services Fund of UCSF. Deets:

What: 2nd Annual C.A.C Date Auction – tickets are $25.00
When:  Saturday, February 6th, 2010, 6pm – 9pm
Where: Harlot – 46 Minna Street, San Francisco CA

Please come out to spread the love and support a great cause! Hope to see you there 😉


It’s been awhile since this website has been updated, I know, but right now the most exigent (thank you, GRE studying) matter is the situation in Haiti.  Already the most underdeveloped country in the Western Hemisphere, the recent earthquake and its aftermath has plunged the island into deeper devastation.  There has been a remarkable outpouring of love towards the victims and thankfully, contributing to the relief efforts is just a click away.  In disasters such as these, it seems the most effective and efficient way to contribute is donating directly to relief effort organizations.  Here are a few:

Donations support the American Red Cross in sending relief supplies, mobilizing relief workers and providing financial resources and recovery.

Google has a straightforward and comprehensive site up with excellent resources (news, organizations, interactive media).

100% of your donation will be used to save children's lives in UNICEF's relief work in Haiti.

Leeaaving on a Jet Plane…..

みなさんこんいちは! 久しぶりだね! (“Hello everyone! Long time no see!”) Apologies again for delayed posts, it’s turned out to be a very packed summer so I haven’t been able to update the site…. -___-* Note to self: learn to say “no.” ANYhoo, I will be out of town almost the entire next two months. Specifically, I will be going to Nihon from August 10-21, then España from August 22-September 7, then 2 weeks mid-September elsewhere. A TRILLION apologies to everyone!! Please do not hesitate to check with me if you need anything; I will try my best. I promise to do lots of “research” on my culinary endeavors and adopt ideas to make new edible delights!