Baker of All Forms

Baked. is the vision of dessert connoisseur, social activist and life-enthusiast Kailin Chou.  Always eager to learn and eager to sweeten the lives of those around her, Kailin’s  acute interests in culinary creations started at the age of seven.  What started out as serving her parents breakfast-in-bed eventually developed into serving anyone, anywhere, whenever possible just to spread the happiness gained from a satisfying dish.

After earning a Business degree with minors in Math & Japanese Studies, Kailin had the extremely fortunate opportunity through a friend to work as a pastry cook at a fine dining restaurant in La Jolla. There, she improved her pastry (and survival) skills, learned new culinary techniques, experienced first-hand how to run a business in the food industry, and fully realized the value of making a living doing what she loves. Eventually unsatisfied with the narrow scope of the restaurant industry, she, bringing along what she learned, quit and set her sights on bigger things.

With a deep determination to make a big impact in the world through humanitarian efforts, Kailin also worked several eye-opening stints in different areas of social work. The blaring discrepancies imposed upon the lives of different people created by “the system” only further fueled her pursuit to better the lives of the impoverished and to work tirelessly to expose and fight inequalities.

Not usually one to follow the norm, Kailin gained from her combined experiences, culinary and humanitarian, an overwhelming satisfaction that no conventional high-salaried office job could ever bring.  Baked. is her way of combining her two passions together, by informing the public and encouraging involvement in local and global issues one delicious cake at a time.

She plans to create a foundation where she will be able to directly assist and improve the lives of citizens at home and abroad through education and development.

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