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And so we move on……

Greetings! Long time no see! Not sure if anyone still checks this site, but JUST in case there are a few stragglers out there, I thought it’d be polite to update you on my whereabouts. As you may or may not know, about half a year ago I decided to go back to school. Applied and enrolled in the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) to obtain a Master in Public Administration. Contrary to what the program title might imply, the focus of the program is to provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge in international affairs, particularly in the field of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and SCOs (social change organizations). Back in May/June, I went to check out one of their “Visit Monterey” days and was immediately sold by the program. Now 5 months later, I am swamped with projects, readings, assignments, papers, etc etc etc….but I am loving it πŸ˜€ Everyday I am impressed (and overwhelmed) by the amount of experience and knowledge my classmates possess. And while classwork is very challenging for the most part, within the 2 months I’ve been here, I feel like I’ve already taken in a breadth of curricula (e.g. systems thinking, bridging & bonding social capital, Capacity 2.0…). Already my world view (orΒ Weltanschauung) has evolved. And continues to…

Anyhoo, I’ve put Baked. aside and am now focusing on my ultimate aspiration which is to pursue a career in international humanitarian work. I still do orders for family and friends now and then, but it is no longer a priority, unfortunately…..It’s been a lot of fun and a challenging process to get to where I am now. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me along the way and a special thanks to those who still do!!!

Some pics from the last few months:

Peggy’s Wedding – May 30, 2010

Gay Pride Parade – June 26-27, 2010
































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Owl Cake – Sometime During the Summer (w/ the help of Iris Lu πŸ™‚ )

Deborah’s Birthday Cake – September 19, 2010 (credit goes to Iris Lu & Yours Truly πŸ™‚ )



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