As I stay up to work on a decadent dark chocolate fudge and marzipan cake and fret about another huge order for tomorrow I have yet to start at this ungodly hour of 4:00 am, the strange, hazy time in the middle of the night when you feel like a zombie on the cusp of severely crashing and I ask myself why the hell I put myself through this, losing sight of purpose, my iPod fills my ears with Michael Jackson and this indescribable energy brings me back to life. It’s like the magic of MJ has charged my blood to gush through my veins; I literally feel like I’m floating on the love that MJ had for everyone and everything in the universe. And I felt the impulse to blog about this because with all the ugliness that surrounded MJ throughout his life, people forget all about his greatness as a humanitarian, an entertainer, an artist, a fighter and most importantly, a believer in the power of love.

I know this seems like a random entry considering this site is about detailing and promoting my Baked. endeavor, but music is one of the driving forces behind everything I do, a lifelong partner that is always there whenever you need it. And after watching This Is It twice over the weekend, MJ’s unwavering determination to his cause – to bring people of all colors and creeds to places they’ve never been – reminded me to march on and pursue my passions no matter how challenging things can get.  So, I sit here updating the music section while waiting for the cake to cool off, fatigued but not unmotivated, and there’s no question the new playlist is all about Michael Jackson. And I hope it motivates you as well to reach greater heights because ultimately, my cause is to make the world a better place by expanding minds and bringing a little happiness to people’s lives.

Cheesy? Probably, but, frankly, I don’t care. The world could always use a little more positivity and this entry is really a shout out to Michael and how he’s changed the world for the better. And if you don’t believe me and your image of Michael is still marred by all the rumors, I urge, no, I challenge you to watch This Is It (and everything else he was involved in, for that matter) and not feel inspired and taken aback by the magnificence of the King of Pop.

To Michael: You are sorely missed and I regret we never got a chance to see the finished product of your final concert but you continue to live in the hearts of those who believe in life and love. Thank you, Michael. May you rest in peace.

And now, I must go back to bake and “daaance the night awaaaaaay….” 🙂

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