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Experiments & Things

It’s been busy busy busy the past few weeks filled with orders, experiments, and eating…..mostly eating 🙂 🙂 Most notable was the VERY successful CACSF Date Auction of 2010! The wonderful ladies behind the organization were able to raise $11k for the UCSF Cancer Fund which provides monetary assistance to under-insured and uninsured cancer patients. Baked. is so proud to have been a part of the event and only hopes it made the night that much sweeter 😉 Letsee what else….oh, I think I should just let the following photos speak for themselves. Voilà, des photos de ces dernières semaines….. . .  .    .     .        . (don’t mind me, I’m a glossophile)

EXPERIMENT I: Nancy Silverton’s Graham Crackers (soooooo delicious…..)

EXPERIMENT II: Bakerella’s S’more Cupcakes (very moist, flavors melt together well, could use a bit more marshmallow though. will tweak…s’more)

EXPERIMENT III: Macarons!! (not to be confused with American macaroons which pale in comparison to these French confections. can’t wait to make more!)


(credit goes to Iris for baking w/ me 🙂 )

DATE AUCTION (made mini choco chip cookies & assorted truffles)