Cupcake Cravings


I need to remember to glue my camera to my hip so I don’t forget to take pics of my cooking creations. Going through all the finalists in this year’s Bloggies has definitely inspired me to change my approach to this site (i.e. not be a lazy arse). Every food site/blog is always more enticing when it provides a plethora of photos to bring out “ooooohs”, “aaaaahs” and “mmmMMmms” from the reader who’ll in turn stick around more.  And since I’m not brilliant enough to write anything original and quippy, hopefully photos will make up for the lack of witty and interesting dialogue. Anyway….onwards we go!

I’ve been having cupcake cravings lately and not just any cupcakes, COCONUT cupcakes.  And I used to hate coconut when I was younger, probably mainly because the only form I had of it was flakes. Bleh. Like chewing on perfumed paper. And that sound it makes in your head. UNLESS it’s freshly toasted. YUM. I’m starting to fall in love w/ coconut though. So good in curries, refreshing to drink fresh out of the shell, and delicious in my recent endeavor: cupcakes! A good friend of mine (thanks, Huei!) sent me a recipe for coconut vanilla bean cupcakes that I tried out a few months ago and they were perdy damn good. So I made them over the weekend. Problem solved. Just look at them…

AAAnnnd today, I received a custom order from my mom’s friend, a really good family friend whom I work for part-time actually (if you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or sell a home, she’s your woman), who wanted to bring cupcakes to visiting Buddhist monks so she requested that they be made eggless.  I tweaked around a good vegan recipe (thanks to the hilarious vegan foodie Isa Chandra Moskowitz) and made eggless lemon cupcakes with whipped lemon-almond frosting. They turned out quite good. Only frosted 1/2 of ’em because we weren’t sure if all the monks would want frosting. After all, monks aren’t known for decadence. Hope they enjoy it! I smile as I mentally picture the wise old monks mindfully taking modest bites of these cupcakes….heeheehee.

This weekend I’m gonna be experimenting with more flavors and things so tune in next week for the report!

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