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Hey folks! Soo…..I know I’ve been incredibly behind on updating this website, BUT….. that will come soon, I promise 🙂

Anyway, here at Baked., we live to eat, but sadly, that is a luxury for most of the world where people can’t even eat to live. There is a big important event coming up in May (23 & 24 to be exact)….SOUPSTOCK! What it is is a FREE concert and convergence celebrating the 29th anniversary of Food Not Bombs, organized by its SF regional chapter (see Community).

FNB is a grassroots global effort that works hard to cook and distribute free and delicious vegetarian meals to anyone who needs it. Chapters exist all over the world, bringing about peace through the simple and powerful act of feeding the hungry. As described on its blog, SF’s FNB hopes to use this event as an opportunity to create dialogue about food justice, poverty, the current
crisis, and to plan many 30th anniversary actions/celebrations around the world,
so we could use all the help we need. Even if you can’t volunteer, it’s contribution enough to spread the word and/or show up with your beautiful faces and have a good time. Did I mention it’s free?


Out of Town

Hi all 🙂 Sorry again, but I will be out of town yet again from Monday – Thursday. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!