Support LOVE not H8: Repeal Prop 8!

Last week, California’s Supreme Court weighed whether voters’ decision to ban same-sex marriage was a denial of fundamental rights and has 90 days to make a decision. The gay marriage ban that passed last November strips away inalienable rights from many Americans and their families, and threatens  the validity of at least 18,000 marriages conducted before the ban was passed.

This Sunday, March 15, a Courage Campaign “County Equality Team” kickoff meeting is being organized by grassroots volunteers in 26 locations all over the state. Baked. will be attending the team event in the County of Santa Clara and will also be bringing free delicious desserts!

Please help us in the movement to fight for equality. To attend a kickoff event near you, check out the map. With increasing dialogue over gay rights, your support will help make a difference in creating a more just and equal society for all. When a majority decides to take away the civil rights of a minority, it’s discrimination. Support LOVE not H8 and Repeal Prop 8!

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